Thursday, September 29, 2011


New nail polish! Ready for October! Wet n Wild 'Everybody Loves Redmond'

The definition of internet.

So as we near the end of week two of fall quarter at OSU, I'm still not doing my homework. Why is this? The internet. Tonight started off well. My laptop was on the floor, where I left it this morning after cramming down my readings for class today. I am on my bed, which is roughly three feet above the ground. I'm lazy, I was doing my homework. I glued some test tiles to some foam core for my glass forming class. Huzzah. Then I went to work on my sketchbook, as we have to have 30 thumbnails for class tomorrow.

At some point I decided to pick up my laptop. End homework. Begin:
Catching up on my Youtube subscriptions.
Watching a lot of Charlie McDonnell videos.
Listening to Dr Horrible and singing along.
Listening to Dubstep and trying to get to work.
Listening to Chameleon Circuit's new album, Still Got Legs.

Now it is 3am. Dammit.

Tomorrow I have to wake up early to go spend money on glass for my project. Then I get to go to class and make stuffs. Then work, where I makes the coffeez. And like every night, I will probably have to stay late and help close custodial as well.

Tonight I dual wielded Coffee Shop and Custodial. I am a Marketplace Rogue.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recent additions to my collection

So I did a few Vlogs a bit ago about my Star Wars collection. I wasn't able to cover all of it but I managed most. You can view part one here and part two here.

But over the past two weeks I have acquired more that I would like to share with you!

I went to Target last week and came home with Obi-Wan. I realized I didn't have an Obi-Wan figure, which is horrible because I love him. So I bought Clone Wars Obi. :)

Then pay day came on Friday.

I found this binder on clearance at Target for $1.25. I think it is freaking awesome. Last clearance binder I got was Darth Vader. I like this one because it is covered in plastic which will help keep it nicer, also it has pockets. It is now being used as the binder for my glass class.

The dollar section at Target has quite a few Star Wars things. There were some little note books that I thought about getting and may go back for. And Yo-yos. And pens, that I have. But I grabbed these two holographic puzzles. I plan to put them together, seal them, and frame them. :)

Next I went to Toys'R'Us, where the toys are more expensive, but they have a better selection. I have really been wanting a Rex since I started watching Clone Wars, so I grabbed him. I also grabbed Darth Maul because I've always wanted one but never seen one. I really don't like his cloak though, it is too poofy and awkward.

Went to the comic store. Got the new issues of the Star Wars comics I'm reading. Knight Errant: Deluge 1, The Old Republic: The Lost Suns 4, and Invasion: Revelations 3. I still need to catch up on Darth Vader and the Lost Command. I also picked up Buffy Season 9 1, Angel & Faith 1, and Flashpoint 4 & 5. :D

Saturday was garage sale day. I lugged a ton of crap over to my friend Nicole's house to sell and while we were setting up I spotted these three things. So she let me have the. The Millennium Falcon Tiger Arts hand held game, which I just found is $60 on Amazon. A fast food Chewy/AT-ST toy. And another Burger Kind Tatooine toy which I gave away on The Forebook to user Dad_Bane.

Then I discovered the joy of shopping on Craigslist.
I found this 12" tall hollow ceramic Darth Vader for $5. He is not a licensed product and is missing his lightsaber, but I though it was odd looking so I got it. I want to put a light inside him, so light will shine out his eyes and control panel.

THEN I found this. The 2 1/2 foot long Millennium Falcon that usually goes for over $100. It's missing the figures (they gave me a little Yoda and a Super Battle Droid) but that's okay! ITS A 2.5' MILLENNIUM FALCON. FOR $25!

So that's about it for now. I'm supposed to pick up and episode 1 Commtech thing for $3 at some point as well, I just have to find time. I also found out that this weekend, about an hour west of me, someone is having a garage sale and selling their collection. They claim over 1,000 figures. I need to pay rent and have a wedding to go to...but it's so tempting..

May the Force be with you.

I'll keep trying.

I swear, I'm horrible at blogging. Well I currently have the urge to Vlog, but I can't find my camera anywhere. So why not start a blog in it's place? Blogging requires a lot less technology

So I will take this opening blog to first tell you that if you like Star Wars, you should join

Also, you should listen to episode 8 of the Forcebook Podcast (formally The Forcebook Cnatina Podcast), where we talk about the Blu-rays and I have two lines. :)