Friday, October 7, 2011

More shopping adventures

A continuation of my last blog! So after Star Base I went down the street to Half-Priced books where I picked up this lot.

Star Wars: Union, which I've wanted for a while. A kids book from TCW. Star Wars: Jango Fett. And Star Wars: Episode III. :)

I also scored this. I've been wanting it forever, but kept forgetting or being too broke. Found it for $15!

Then I stopped by the dollar store next store, and found these. Awesome glow-in-the-dark puzzles! I can't wait to move so I can put all these puzzles together!

Well that's it for now. Laundry is almost done. :)


Star Base adventure

So for a couple of years I've known about this store in Columbus called Star Base. But I kept forgetting about it or I was just too lazy to make it up there. Until today. I originally went to try and buy a sonic screwdriver. Unfortunately they only has the mini one and the big screwdriver one, and I really wanted the toy. But either way, it was a pretty cool store. They mostly sell Star Trek, but they also had a little bit of everything else. The awesome thing was that they had a lot of cool random clearance Star Wars things. As I was checking out they also told me about a giant garage sale they are hosting next weekend, which I can hopefully make it to. Details about that are available on their blog, which I linked above.

I apologize for not getting any picture of the place, but I got there only to realize I forgot my memory card in my laptop. Which is sad because I found something that reminded me of Andy aka SithSarcasm at Half-Priced books. XD

So anyway. Here is what I walked away with from there:

First there was a bin of old Taco Bell Star Wars toys, so I bought the whole set.

The Death Star is one of those spinner toys where it looks like it's blowing up. Floating Cloud City. SUPER BOBA. The Millennium Falcon is a top, I think. Half Vader half Yoda illusion box. R2D2 with Leia figure and hologram. And a picture block, which you can turn in to a lot of photos.

They didn't have many, but I dug the Star Wars ones out. Want to know why I got two of each? To send them to you guys! If you want to get a personalized post card from me, comment on my Forcebook status where I link this post with the phrase 'This is where the fun begins'. The first four will get one!

Separatist Droid Trifighter die cast model. For $2.00.

Adorable Vader in his Tie Fighter bobble head!

More shopping continued, but it won't let me add any more pictures to this blog. To be continued in the next entry!


Star Wars Collection update

So this isn't a big update but I just wanted to show you a few things I got this week. I went to Half-Priced books and went though all of their comics to dig out any Star Wars ones I didn't have. Came up with this:
$3.00 for them so I can't complain. Next time I go to the comic store I'm going to grab a bunch of extra bag&boards so I can file them away with the rest.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Free Comic Book Day copy
Star Wars: Episode 1 #1/2
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron The Rebel Opposition #1
Star Wars: Heir to the Empire #2
Star Wars: Jedi The Dark Side #1


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Philosophy class.

This is just not my thing. I have to take this class for my major but I feel that everything we talk about is pointless. Not sure how people do this as a living, or how Adam could stand to get a degree in this. My head hurts. I mean, I understand everything, I just really don't care.

The Wedding of River Song

So I was finally able to watch the series 6 finale of Doctor Who on Monday night. I'm still not sure how I felt about it. I've had mixed feeling this entire series, especially the second half. We started off with 'Let's Kill Hitler', which I didn't really enjoy. Once upon a time I really loved River Song and I really looked forward to finding out more about here. I feel like Hitler was the start of the down fall of her for me. Her story suddenly became over done and cheesy. I really just didn't enjoy her at all anymore.

There were a few episode I enjoyed, and a few bits of other episodes I enjoyed. But over all I was very dissapointed with part 2 of series 6.

Now on the finale. River is too overpowered. It really waters down her character. I loved the part leading up to his death, where he was talking about all the things he could do. (especially the references to Rose and Jack, two of my favorite companions) I also enjoyed how the Doctor escaped death, I just wish River hadn't been involved. Why did they need to get married exactally? I believe that River was in love with the Doctor at that point, but I don't think he was in love with her yet. I just.....I've gone from loving River to hating her.

I guess we'll see where this goes with the next season.