Friday, October 7, 2011

Star Wars Collection update

So this isn't a big update but I just wanted to show you a few things I got this week. I went to Half-Priced books and went though all of their comics to dig out any Star Wars ones I didn't have. Came up with this:
$3.00 for them so I can't complain. Next time I go to the comic store I'm going to grab a bunch of extra bag&boards so I can file them away with the rest.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Free Comic Book Day copy
Star Wars: Episode 1 #1/2
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron The Rebel Opposition #1
Star Wars: Heir to the Empire #2
Star Wars: Jedi The Dark Side #1


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  1. u should the fate of the jedi series. so awesome it is. i'm aalya by the way. :)