Thursday, September 29, 2011

The definition of internet.

So as we near the end of week two of fall quarter at OSU, I'm still not doing my homework. Why is this? The internet. Tonight started off well. My laptop was on the floor, where I left it this morning after cramming down my readings for class today. I am on my bed, which is roughly three feet above the ground. I'm lazy, I was doing my homework. I glued some test tiles to some foam core for my glass forming class. Huzzah. Then I went to work on my sketchbook, as we have to have 30 thumbnails for class tomorrow.

At some point I decided to pick up my laptop. End homework. Begin:
Catching up on my Youtube subscriptions.
Watching a lot of Charlie McDonnell videos.
Listening to Dr Horrible and singing along.
Listening to Dubstep and trying to get to work.
Listening to Chameleon Circuit's new album, Still Got Legs.

Now it is 3am. Dammit.

Tomorrow I have to wake up early to go spend money on glass for my project. Then I get to go to class and make stuffs. Then work, where I makes the coffeez. And like every night, I will probably have to stay late and help close custodial as well.

Tonight I dual wielded Coffee Shop and Custodial. I am a Marketplace Rogue.


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