Saturday, March 21, 2015

Book Review: The Travelers Series by Claudia Lefeve


Book: The Travelers Series (Parallel, Paradox, and Paradigm)
Author: Claudia Lefeve
Genre: YA Fiction Sci-Fi Distopian Future with a female lead, love triangle, and in a trilogy.
Rating: 3/5
Format: Kindle Ebook
Where I got the book: Free through Bookbub
Favorite Character: Cooper Everett

I started reading the first book in this series when I was looking for a new YA book too read and scrolling though my e-books. I chose this one and random and started to read. It didn't take long for me to get hooked and I ended up reading the first book in one day. I then bought the second e-book and read 30% of it before bed. The next day I read the rest of book to and bought and finished book three. I was hooked pretty hard, however I have mixed feeling about this series. 

I was drawn to the the idea of alternate realities and time travel and I really enjoyed how the plot line as far as that went. The science and reasoning behind what happened felt believable, and I found the wibbly wobblyness interesting. And I loved Cooper. But..I feel like the story never got anywhere. My biggest issue with this series was the transition between Paradox and Paradigm, where Jamie is sent back by her father and is able to finally stop Etta from going back to her reality. Then book 3 starts up and all the work and building up of the last two books is gone. I understand why this plot twist happened, but I think if it was going to happen, I would have liked it to be sooner. The entire third book is spent trying to convince Etta AGAIN about her reality and getting her to go back, which doesn't happen until the end of the book and then it's just over.

The first two books got me incredibly excited to see Coopers reality and everything they go through, and see them overthrow Thornberry. But it never happens. I suppose that was a big let down for me. I wanted to see Etta jump to that reality and everything that happens there. Maybe She'll write it? We'll see. Overall decent for a book I got for free (Well I guess I paid for the second and third haha)

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