Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bout Of Books 13: Character Face Off

Opponent #1: America Singer
Who: Lower class girl thrown into a high class world
Cons: Stubborn, skeptical, impulsive
Pros: Aware, brave, good-hearted

Opponent #2: Eadlyn Schreave
Who: Princess of Illea, daughter of America and Maxom
Cons: Stubborn, spoiled, naive
Pros: Innocent, loyal, reasonably intelligent....

Winner: America Singer

Why: America came from a lower caste and was thrust into a world of riches. For most of this journey, her flaws got the best of her (especially her stubbornness). However she was brave and stuck with what she believed in, even if it meant risking her own well being. Her daughter Eadlyn, however, was raised within the castle walls as a princess. Despite her parents, she is sheltered and spoiled and seems to know little about reality and her people. She has a difficult time putting others above herself and when she does she is sure to be unhappy about it, and does not take opportunities that are presented to her with stride. In the end, though America wasn't the best at all times, it seems much of her and Maxom was not instilled in their eldest child, or at least it has yet to be uncovered...

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