Sunday, May 17, 2015

Book Review: Atlantia by Ally Condie

Author: Ally Condie
Genre: YA fiction, dystopia, fantasy
Rating: 3/5
Format: Hardcover
Where I got the book: HPB Clearance section, but I knew Ally Condie from Matched and had been planning to read it eventually.
Favorite Character: Can the bats be my favorite?

So I knew about this book from reading Matched but I wasn't drawn to it enough to pick it up until I found it for cheap at HPB. Overall I think it was an okay book. I I think the story was pretty similar to most dystopian YA novels, but also was different enough to not bore me. I especially enjoyed that this is a stand alone book and not part of a series, which made this a lot more stress free. I did not find Rio to be as obnoxious/short-sighted/naive as most female leads of these types of books, though that may have come from there being less space to fill with temper tantrums than there is a in a series.

Overall it was a short and decent read. I wasn't sure about it in the beginning but It ended up being alright.

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