Sunday, May 17, 2015

Book Review: The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart

Book: The Boyfriend List
Author: E. Lockhart
Genre: YA fiction, romance
Rating: 3/5
Format: Hardcover
Where I got the book: It was recommended to me on Goodreads then I found it one day in the clearance section of HPB.
Favorite Character: I don't think there is one. Not enough Character Development

This was a short and funny book. Like Atlantia It wasn't really good or bad, it just was. It was a nice change of pace from all the other types of books I was reading, as the book is realistic and retells the story of her High School downward spiral. A lot of the characters made me angry in their misinterpretation of events, but that is pretty true to High School so it works. (Still annoyed me though.)

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